Final year project

Pedals finished.

The four pedals for my project have been completed and I have begun working on my composition that I plan on recording. The picture above shows all the pedals that I will be using in my composition. The pedals along the bottom row will be in the feedback loops of the Big Muff and Fender Blender pedals to allow a larger number of sounds to be created.


Cases painted.

Today I painted the cases for my fuzz pedals, I used acrylic paint mixed with water which was then poured on and swirled using the back of a pencil. When this is dry I will apply the clear coat.

Cases drilled.

The cases for my pedals have arrived and been drilled ready for painting. The cases from left to right are for the Bazz Fuss, Fuzz Face, Big Muff and Fender Blender.

Bazz Fuss Prototype

Here is the prototype version of my bazz fuss using the PCB I designed ready for the interim presentation. It differs quite a bit from what the final version will be like, it’s in a smaller case, the feedback footswitch has been replaced with a toggle, the feedback pot has been replace with an LDR and one of the transistors had to be substituted with a different one that I had spare.

PCBs etched.

Fender Blender board finished.

Finished the fourth and final board for my project. I can now etch the boards and populate them with the components.

Project break.

Took a short break from my project to build up this pedal for a friend. It’s a Tonebender MKII clone with NOS OC84 germanium transistors. The shielded input and output cables were implemented to try to reduce noise when the pedal is turned on and it worked really well, this may be something that I do for my project builds as they are all high gain fuzz circuits.